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Welcome to the army of the southwest! We are the most active civil war reenacting group in the state of Iowa . In an average year we will appear in several major battles, at least 5 regimental appearances, and many other parades and group events in and around the state of Iowa . The army of the southwest was founded in 1992 and has been bringing living history to Iowans who wish to know more about the civil was time period. We turn time into a doorway through which others can step back in history.

The army of the southwest is a very unique organization. It consists of both union and confederate forces. Both sides are people who have very special interests in recreating the civil war.

The common bond that all reenactors share is trying to bring to life the flavor of the civil war era by our live demonstration. We show how the soldiers lived during that era.

The union forces in the army of the southwest are the 3rd Iowa light field artillery, the 4th Iowa Infantry, and the 7th Cavalry. The confederate forces list the 9th Kentucky Infantry, and Cobbs Field Artillery Battery. This combination allows our group to have our "enemy" with us at many of the events. Many of our soldiers can portray both yanks and rebels. This is a option and not a requirement! We also have an Invalid Corps and a civilian component.

Reenactments are "living histories" in which our group pitches tents, fights skirmishes and carries on camp life as it would have been done in the great conflict. Visitors can see replicas of the tents, clothing and weaponry that was used by both the soldiers and civilians.

We recreate civil war history by staging battles that many times involve infantry, cavalry and artillery. We now have civilian reenactors who portray medical personnel such as nurses, orderlies, doctors, etc.

We wish to recruit interested men and women that wish to recreate the life during the civil war. As a member of this unit you would be expected to get the basic uniform of the unit within the first year.

To get started first contact one of the following people and have a chat about the unit activities such as meetings, events, etc. (also see membership, benefits)

O.J. Fargo, Private
(club President)
601 W. Mills St.
Creston, Iowa 50801
    Phone # 641-782-8625
Email at: ojfargo@iowatelecom.net

David Thompson,1st Sgt
(club treasurer)
2301 S.W. Oralabor Rd. Lt 95
Ankeny, Iowa 50023
    Phone # 515-289-1018
Email at: cannoneerdlt@q.com

John Fitzsimmons, 9th Ky (confederate)
(club vice-president)
679 Nature Road
Boone, IA 50036
Phone # 515-432-3697


Kevin Burke, Quartermaster Sergeant
(club quartermaster)
827 NE Westgate Dr.
Waukee, Iowa 50263
    Phone # 515-770-5362
Email at: keburke@aol.com


We are looking forward to hearing form you, call today!!!

The original founders at Greenfield, Iowa, December 5-6, 1992. From left to right: Cedric Ruby, Dave Turpin, O.J. Fargo, Clay Ewing, Joseph Leto (kneeling), Jeff Harrington, Paul Overlin, Jeffrey Overlin, Ed Breeda, and Don Ruffcorn.

Current members at the Knoxville reeactment, June 2013