Clothing and Equipment Needs
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You will be responsible to provide your own uniform, weapon and camping gear. Please do not let this alarm you or cause you a problem.

    Below is a basic list of uniforms and supplies needed.

1. Plain cotton or un-bleached muslin shirt, white in color. Checked or colored shirts were optional.

2. Pants should be the sky blue wool pants, or gray, infantry style with button fly. The suspenders are very helpful and needed if not wearing a pistol belt. Suspenders should be plain cloth style. (red or gold are optional)

3. The kepi is the standard hat for the ASW. Each unit has its own head gear standards.

4. Shoes were normally the "brogans". Shoes should be tie type and black in color.

5. The sack coat was the uniform coat that was issued most, north and south for infantry. Shell jackets for the artillery and mounted troops.

6. Rifles and pistols and other weaponry will be the most expensive items in your inventory.

7. Tents - although not required existing tents can sometimes be shared or borrowed for two day events. Ultimately the member is responsible for his own camping and sleeping gear.

In order to save money and avoid a lot of problems in trying to locate these items on your own, please contact quartermaster sergeant Burke or major Ruby first. Both have excellent resources such as catalogs and sutler information to help you get started correctly and economically.

It is very important to take the time to talk to the unit members before running out and buying a tent or any gear that might be incorrect and cause you problems. We can get updated price lists and names of the many sutlers that carry the type of equipment that is used, both union and confederate.

We invite you to step back in history and be a part of American history. We offer you a chance to experience a unique, extraordinary and rewarding hobby that is both educational and fun.

To get started first contact one of the following people and have a chat about the unit activities such as meetings, events, etc.

    O.J. Fargo, Private (club President)
   601 W. Mills St.
    Creston, Iowa 50801
    Phone # 641-782-8625
Email at:

    Cedric Ruby, Major (club armorer)
    1605 34th St.
   Des Moines, Iowa 50310
    Phone # 515-633-0817
Email at::

    Kevin Burke, Quartermaster Sergeant (club quartermaster)
   740 Wistful Vista Dr. #1201
    West Des Moines, Iowa 50266
    Phone # 515-537-1201
Email at:

We are looking forward to hearing form you, call today!!!