9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
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Photo taken of the 9th Kentucky at Lamoni, IA 2007

Members on duty at Marshalltown reenactment 2007

Uniforms and Equipment
Historical myth states that the Confederate soldier was constantly short in food, munitions and uniforms.
Historical fact has shown that although the Confederate soldier experienced shortages more frequently
then his Union counterpart, the ad hoc Confederate war effort was for the most part effective in meeting
the demands placed by its soldiers. While the gear was far from a standard issue standpoint, most
Confederate soldiers were still reasonably supplied until late 1864.

As reenactors portraying Kentucky Confederate soldiers, we have even more leeway then reenactors
portraying a unit from a state that was relatively beyond Union control for most of the war. (Georgia,
S.C., N.C, etc) The KY soldier's supply situation was primarily dependent on the Confederate central
government based in Richmond after early 1862 when the Confederacy was forced from Kentucky by
Union offensives. Most other Confederate states up till 1864 were functional enough to provide some
supply options to their regiments at the front. For this reason we as a unit have more choices for having
quality, unique and correct impressions. For a description of uniform and insignia and listing of vendors click here.

Drill Instructions

For a complete roster of the regiment by soldier name, company, home, birthplace, and short annotation of his career click here.

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