Internet Links to Useful Civil War Related Sites
(revised December 2020)

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The sites contained here are by no means a complete list. If additional or more comprehensive information is desired we strongly recommend an individual search.

Comprehensive Civil War link sites

100 Fantastic Civil War Sites - - As promised by its title, a link to 100 Civil War sites , and resources. This is a good source for primary documents.

The American Civil War - - presents sets of links on causes, leaders, nature of battle, archives, battle reports, photos, maps, battlefield parks and readings.

American Civil War - -  a large set of links to short articles and many aspects of the Civil War.

Blue and Gray Civil War Encyclopedia - - comprehensive links to facets of the Civil war.

Civil War Archives - - contains, regiments, corps, soldier letters and battle reports.

Civil War articles - - contains hundreds of articles from a variety of magazines.

Civil This site allows searchers to learn more about the Civil War through timelines, battles, places, music, and documents. Provides a search engine for the site.

Civil War Home page - - Its claim to fame is a large list of links including a searchable Dyers Compendium and Fox's Regimental losses databases.

Civil War Journeys - - interesting set of links to topics such as ironclads, maps etc.

Civil War Search directory - - highlights Google sites on the American Civil War that are especially pertinent or informative.

Civil War sites from Larry Feriazzo - - Many individual Civil War sites

Cyndi’s list - - an extensive list of Civil War links arranged by categories.

Ehistory - - an extensive set of links covering topics from biographies to videos.

Great American History - - a general site that has links to everything from the beginning of the war to reconstruction.

Historical text archive - a large list of unique Civil War links

History of War - - includes links on the navy, war leaders, land warfare, images, maps, uniforms, weapons and equipment

Jim Janke Civil War - - list of sites arranged into 48 categories

John’s Military History - - list of Civil War links as a subset of many other military links.

Kidinfo - - an extensive list of sites geared to kids.

Ms. Osborn’s Civil War links - - an extensive and unique set of links put together by an AP history teacher.

PBS Civil War - - includes original maps of battles, photos and biographies.

Richard Jensen's Civil War Guides - Its extensive set of links are more geared to the serious scholar, as many of its links are primary documents.

Shotgun’s index - - extensive list of links arranged by topic.

Civil War.

The United States Civil War Center A huge 2000+ index of Civil War information available on the Internet. Many consider this the most comprehensive Civil War gateway on the Web. It contains some very unique articles and links such as agriculture, economics, causes, children, funeral practices, espionage and pacifism to name just a few. 

University of Florida links - - Civil War links with an emphasis on Florida.

Ancestor search

National Park Service Database of Troops - - can be limited by state, side, regiment etc. Only gives regiment and company but contains regimental histories. If a given state doesn’t have its own roster you can look here.

Mooseroots Civil War soldier search - - can be limited by state, side, regiment etc. Only gives regiment and company but contains regimental histories. If a given state doesn’t have its own roster you can look here.

Alabama -

Arkansas -

Delaware -

Georgia -

Illinois -

Indiana -

Iowa - - contains full rosters by regiment. One must know what regiment the individual was in then use their “find” to search the regimental roster

Kansas -

Kentucky -

Maine -

Maryland -

Massachusetts -

Michigan -

Missouri -

Nebraska -

Nevada -

New Hampshire -

New Jersey -

New York -

Ohio -

Pennsylvania -

South Carolina -

Vermont -

Wisconsin -

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet – - An extensive listing of sites to do with the Civil War as it pertains to genealogy.

Other genealogy sites - = civil war records and = Military Service Records


Civil War Artillery Page - Contains organization and drill, flags, weapons, how cannons worked and evolved during the war, types of ammunition, effects of artillery in battle and biographies among others.

National Civil War Artillery Association - - In addition to several links it also contains the downloadable NCSAA manual.

Basic Facts Concerning Artillery - - an overview of Civil War artillery with descriptions of the various types.

Battles – General

About Education - - links and articles in many Civil War categories.

American Civil War Battles list - Wikipledia - - Contains synopsis of Eastern theatre, western theatre, Transmississippi and general battle listing. Battles can also be accessed by year and state. You can also access a good synopsis of the War with hyperlinks to take you to subtopics.

American Civil War Battles, Battlefields and Historic Sites - - A comprehensive index of Civil War Battles from the Dakota State web page.

Atlanta Campaign - - Battles, maps and tactical summaries. Unique insofar as it was written from a Southern, rather than Northern point of view.

Atlanta Campaign - - Uses a mix of period and post-war sources.

Atlanta Campaign - - Link      provided by Noah Bowen, civil war enthusiast. *NEW*

Battle summaries by campaign - - comprehensive list of concise battle summaries by campaign.

Battle summaries by campaign - - a detailed and comprehensive list of battle summaries by year and campaign.

Battlefield aps - a collection of 14 guided battlefield tour aps .

Battles - - If not the largest set of battle links on the Web, at least a huge one. Part of the United States Civil War Center site.

Battles by state - - shows maps of battles by state and includes links.

Battles of the Civil War - - A comprehensive set of battle links from

Civil War Battles by State - - Contains brief reports of many battles, most accompanied by a map.

Civil War Battle summaries - - broken out by theater and year and broken out by state

Civil War campaigns - - contains maps, battle and campaign narratives and videos of all Civil Campaigns.

Civil War Journeys battles - - an extensive treatment of battles which includes by date, theatre, alphabetical, road trips and other categories.

Civil War Sites Advisory Commission Battle Summaries - - Contains brief summaries of Civil War battles that can be accessed by state or by theatre and campaign. Full descriptions would have to be searched for and are not contained on this site.

Civil War Traveler - - contains downloadable podcasts of all the major battles.

Civil War Trust - - Can be searched by state or battle. Gives a variety or resources on each site.

Cybersleuth kids - - a unique list of links aimed at kids.

Eyewitness to history - - a short list of links to unique summeries.

History Place timeline - - a timeline of the Civil War

National Park Battle Site - This is a jumping off point from which the researcher can access all the National Park Service short Civil War battle summaries.

Official Records - - Uses excerpts from the Official Records to give primary accounts of various battles.

Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War – Battles - - contains brief descriptions, orders of battle, Official Records and almost all major battles. Full descriptions would have to be searched for and are not contained on this site.

Civil War Trust –warfare and logisticss - includes documents on warfare, logistics, battle histories and the HistoryNet battle catalog.

Civil War in….. - - links to every state that was in existence during the Civil War.

Civil War in Alabama -

 Civil War in Arkansas - or or Contains a searchable database of Arkansas Civil War events.

Civil War in Georgia - or or Contains a narrative overview which leads to links.

Civil War in Kentucky or or - Provides a listing of battles and skirmishes, forts and military camps, Heritage Trail events, an annotated list of books and resource links.

Civil War in Louisiana - or mainly a tourism site but it contains many good links and articles to Louisiana's participation in the war.

Civil War in Mississippi - or - Contains information on military units, battles, official records, Confederate military history, biographical sketches and a photo gallery.

Civil War in Missouri - or or Contains histories and links that describe the events and people who fought in Missouri.

Civil War in North Carolina – or or Links to North Carolina's involvement in the Civil War.

Civil War in South Carolina – or or or Contains news and links about South Carolina's involvement in the Civil War.

Civil War in Tennessee - or The purpose of this page is to create a virtual central repository for information about Tennessee in the American Civil War.

Corinth: Crossroads of the Confederacy - – or - The description of the walking and driving tours include pictures of actual location. The site also contains a background for the Union occupation and description of the later battle. The site also contains primary source documents.

Pea Ridge National Park - - Gives a simple and detailed narrative of the battle.

Red River Campaign - - Combines primary and later accounts of Banks' Red River Campaign.

Battle of Shiloh - - Relatively small but has primary documents on the battle.

Siege of Vicksburg - - Uses primary and later sources to tell the story of the siege.


Civil War Trust biographies - - links to scores of Union and Confederate biographies

Find a Grave - millions of gravesites some with biographies of their occupant.

Shotgun's Home of the American Civil War: Biographies - – - This site contains short biographies of more than 70 Civil War leaders

United States Civil War - - A relatively small but valuable site of biographies.

War of the Rebellion - - Contains sections on Civil War facts, campaigns, POW camps, Union and Confederate Leaders, Union and Confederate Units and battle synopsis *NEW*

Black Experience

African-American Odyssey: Quest for Full Citizenship - Uses Library of Congress primary documents and accompanying narratives to document slavery and emancipation experiences.

Black Soldiers in the Civil War - - Although this site was designed as a lesson plan for teachers, it can also provide good information to a lay audience.

Brown, John

John Brown's Holy War – PBS - - Although geared for teachers and students, this site contains quite a bit of information for the layman.

Raid on Harpers Ferry - - a compact set of links to John Brown and his crusade.

Clip Art

Civil War art - - extensive links to a variety of Civil War art, cartoons, photos etc.

Clipart etc. - contains 915 illustrations

Cobb's battery

Cobb's Kentucky Battery - - Wikipedia site

First Kentucky “Orphan” Brigade - - a relatively small but good site on the topic of Cobb's Battery in the framework of the larger Kentucky “Orphan Brigade”.

Reenactors Cobb’s battery -

Reenactor’s Facebook site -

Diaries – See Also: Almost every web site and certainly the larger indexes have comprehensive lists of diaries and letters. The reader might also try searching for “diary” and the name, regiment or state.

Diaries and Letters and Stories and Recollections - - A huge set of diary and letter links from the United States Civil War Center .

The Soldiers Write - - a series of Iowa letters and diaries put together by Larry Peterson.


American Civil War Resources in the Special Collections Department, University Libraries, Virginia Tech - a mixture of many transcribed or photographed documents.

The war of the rebellion: a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. / Series 1 - Volume 1- - Cornell University has scanned in series 1 volume 1 of the Official Records. It contains a reasonably good search engine to locate information within the document. It is able to be downloaded.

Drill Manuals

Drill Network - - Not to be outdone by the Union, another comprehensive drill site that compliments that of the Regulars' put together by Company H, 1 st Maryland “The Liberty Greys” CSA.

Silas' Library of Links - - Includes drill manuals plus many, many articles on reenacting.

Treatise on Field Fortifications - - Once again, not a drill manual per se but interesting as it is period and full text.

U. S. Infantry Tactics - - Although not a drill manual per se, still an interesting official 1861 manual on tactics.

Infantry tactics Archive - - links to Civil War infantry tactics , cavalry and artillery drill manuals and the history of drill and tactics. Does not include Gilham's infantry manual.


Civil War Recipes - - Contains a set of links to other Civil War food sites including army rations and Civil War dining.

Food - - Contains a variety of indexed sites put together by Dick Weed of the United States Civil War Center.

Recipes of the Civil War Era - Here you'll find recipes for hardtack, sugar cookies, sausage and apples, summer pickles, jerky, blackberry tea, and cabbage stew. 

Fourth Iowa Infantry

Fourth Regiment Iowa Infantry - - Uses the history and alpha roster (by company) of the 4 th Iowa Volunteers from the Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 1 By Guy E. Logan.

Iowa in the Civil War

Appranose County Historical Museum - .

Army of the Southwest - - Contains information about the Army of the Southwest reenactors. Also includes histories and rosters of the sub-units that comprise the ASW and links to a variety of web pages.

Greyhounds and Hawkeyes: Iowa in the Civil War CD-ROM – Although not a web site, this searchable disc contains everything of a state-wide nature written on Iowa in the Civil War. It includes a searchable full text and sortable database of the Roster and Records. Contact O. J. Fargo 641-782-8625 or

Iowa articles - - a collection of Iowa articles.

Iowa Civil War monuments -

Iowa in the Civil War - - an overview of Iowa’s participation in the war.

Iowa in the Civil War project - - a collection of links organized by biographies, county info, diaries, letters, prisons and posters. Also contains the Official Records, regimental histories and the six-volume set of Roster and Records.

Iowa official documents - - contains Official Iowa records, letters to headquarters and regimental histories from the “Roster and Records”.

Lesson plans

About: Secondary Lesson Plans - - 10 Civil War lesson plans

American Civil War - - 32 lesson plans and more.

American Civil War Lesson Plans - - offers 14 lesson plans.

American Civil War Lesson Plans - - 9 lesson plan ideas.

Civil War Trust - - links for student’s and teachers - - A variety of activities and materials on the Civil War.

Education World - Education World presents more than a dozen lessons for teaching about the Civil War.

Great American History Civil War outline - - outline of the Civil War's major political and military events, lesson plan and other links

Lesson Plan Central - - 8 lesson plans

U. S. civil War lesson Plans and Classroom Activities - - 19 Civil War lesson plans.


Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress - contains an extensive set of primary source documents. They are in their original form and most are not transcribed

Abraham Lincoln Research Site - Put together by a former history teacher with a passion. It is a very comprehensive site with an impressive set of Lincoln links at the bottom of the page.

'NEW' American Politician and Lawyer: 'NEW'

American Expereience - - a companion to the PBS film “Time of the Lincolns”

Library of Congress – Lincoln Papers - more than 20,000 Lincoln documents contained in the Library of Congress records.

History Channel – Lincoln’s Assassination – contains print and video about the assassination.

Lincoln Cartoons - - Be aware that these are Harper’s Weekly cartoons about things arranged by topic that happened during his presidency not necessary specific to him.

Lincoln/Net: Abraham Lincoln Digitization Project - A wealth of primary material on Lincoln. This Northern Illinois University site is not for the novice or casual browser.

University of Northern Iowa  – Primarily deals with Lincoln’s life in Illinois


Animated maps - - contains easy to interpret battle maps

Civil War Maps - – This extensive list of Civil War maps are part of the geography and map division of the Library of Congress

Civil War Trust - - Contains the maps of the Civil War Trust and many other links.

Hargrett Rare Map Collection - - A relatively small but important set of original Civil War maps.

Maps - - a comprehensive set of map links from the United States Civil War Center.

Maps of the American Civil War - - 58 maps from the West Point Atlas.

University of Georgia maps - - a small but unique set of rare maps.

University of Virginia maps - - an expensive collection of digitized maps.


Medicine in the Civil War - - covers hospitals, transportation, sanitation, anesthesia, amputations, and medications. Site provided by Bill Jackson's social studies students in Florida. *NEW*

Civil War casualties - - nice set statistics and links

Civil War diseases - - a 4 page document that gives an medical overview and glossary of medical terms.

Civil War medicine - - articles and a medical term glossary.

Civil War medicine - an extensive blog list of links to articles about all facets of Civil War medicine

Civil War Rx - - 320 pages of short articles about Civil War medicine.

Civil War Rx remedies - - a short list of Civil War remedies and links to scores of medical links.

Hospitals - - list of Union hospitals

Medicine - - An extensive and unique set of links from the United States Civil War Center.

Shotgun’s medicine - - a nice set of links to various medical topics.

The Life of Clara Barton - - a biography of the woman who invented 'triage' among many other accomplishments in the civil war era. Many useful links on the site.

Rudy’s medical links - - an extensive set of medical links.


Band Music from the Civil War Era - - An American Memory site from the Library of Congress. Contains musical scores, recordings, and photographs.

Brass Bands of the Civil War - - An overview of Civil War bands with pictures.

*Civil War Music - - A short, but very useful set of music links from

Library of Congress band music - - essays and music from the Civil War

Music - - Although spiced with commercial sites, this is a relatively enormous repository of Civil War music links. Put together by Dick Weeks and the United States Civil War Center.

Music of the Civil War- - an overview of Civil War music with list of most popular tunes by year.

Music of the Civil War - - links to the most popular Civil War music.

Music of the Civil War - - instrumental versions of 38 Civil War songs.

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States - Contains Confederate and Union poetry, and music of the war

Popular Songs in American History - - Presents songs from all eras of America 's history with a nice selection from the Civil War. Plays the song, gives the lyrics, presents a history/background of the song and allows downloading.

Youturbe – A great source for Civil War music.


Civil War Navy - - a comprehensive set of links to all things naval.

Naval and Maritime information - - One of the larger link repositories on the topic of all things Civil War naval.

Ninth Kentucky

The First Kentucky Brigade - - Presents historical and genealogical information on the largest unit from Kentucky to serve in the Confederate forces.


Civil War Center - - Civil War photographic links from Dick Weeks and the United States Civil War Center.

Civil War photos - - Over 1000 prints

American Civil War Pictures - - A collection of pictures broken into 20 categories.

Civil War Trust - - links to 4 of the best photo sites.

National Archives - - a selection of 203 Civil War pictures arranged by topic.

Search for Historical pictures and photographs - - This site has an extensive collection of Historical Stock Photographs.  This tool is designed to help you quickly and simply find the specific pictures you are interested in. - "pictures" section.

Selected Civil War Photographs in the American Memory Collection - more than 1,000 Brady photographs that can be accessed from a search page, subject term or timeline.   Also

Xroads Civil War political cartoons - - contains narratives and representative cartoons from the various stages of the Civil War.


Brothers Bound - - Contains descriptions, links and photos of most prisons, links to prison rolls, and documents.

Census diggings Prisons - - contains links to the major Union and Confederate prisons.

Prisons - - One of the largest index of links on the prison topic. Put together by Dick Weeks and the United States Civil War Center.

Prisons - - contains short descriptions of the prisons and links to many sites.

Wiki prisons - - gives extensive links to most Civil War prisons


Feeding Billy Yank: Union Rations between 1861 and 1865 - gives a thorough written account of how the army supplied its soldiers during the Civil War.

Supplies - - A short but interesting set of links from Dick Weeks and the United States Civil War Center.

Sanitary Commission

Sanitary Commission - - A comprehensive list of all things Sanitary. Includes pictures, an overview of the commission, links to rosters and biographies of Sanitary Commission members.

Sanitary Commission - - A small site that gives an overview of the Sanitary Commission.

Seventh Cavalry

Historical Sketch of the Seventh Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry - - Uses the history and alpha roster (by company) of the 7 th Iowa Cavalry Volunteers from the Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 1 By Guy E. Logan.


Abolition and Slavery - - Is an extensive set of links from the United States Civil War Center on the Black experience from slavery to emancipation. Also includes the Underground Railroad.

American Slave Narratives - - Contains WPA interviews with former slaves during the 30s.

Been So Long - - Selections from the WPA interviews with former slaves.

Excerpts From Slave Narratives - - Contains 46 first person accounts of slavery and African life dating from 1682 to 1937 46 first-person accounts of slavery and African life dating from 1682 to 1937.

Harper's Weekly Reports on Black American 1857-1874 - - Dozens of articles and graphics pertaining to Blacks from the original Harper's Weekly publication.

Slave Voices from the Special Collections Library - - Part of the Duke collection of primary source documents on slavery and the relationship between master and slave.

Virginia Runaways Project - - A very unique site containing hundreds of searchable runaway slave advertisements. 

Soldier Life

Camp Life: Civil War Collections from Gettysburg National Military Park - uses artifacts from the Gettysburg museum to illustrate the daily life of a soldier.

Civil War Armies - - a comprehensive site that links to every aspect of the soldier's existence from haircuts to entertainment.

Third Iowa Light artillery

Historical Sketch Third Battery Iowa Light Artillery - - Uses the history and alpha roster (by company) of the 3 rd Battery Iowa Light Artillery from the Roster and Record of Iowa Troops In the Rebellion, Vol. 1 By Guy E. Logan.


Civil War Women: Primary sources – Duke - - Contains links to a dozen sources of primary source material from women of all walks of life who wrote diaries during the Civil War. Also includes a link to Civil War pictures of women.

Clara Barton - - Biographical sketch of The Life of Clara Barton. Contains many links about the life of Clara Barton, Red Cross beginnings, etc. 'NEW'

Women - - a large set of United States Civil War Center links to the feminine involvement in the war and the home front. Also contains links to individual personalities. You might also try the homefront -

Women and the American Civil War - - A comprehensive site that provides links to all aspects of women in the Civil War.

Women Soldiers of the Civil War - - Unlike most sources this one purports to only deal with women who can be proven through records to have served in the military.

Women Soldiers of the Civil War - - A concise discussion of some of the documented women who successfully served as soldiers. 


Comprehensive link sites

American Civil War Overview - - The Shotgun site gives and excellent overview of the Civil War. The reader can then use the imbedded links to explore other sites as they read.

American Civil War timeline - - a monthly timeline complete with maps. Also has subdivisions of maps, battles and people.

Civil War at a glance - - concise outline of the Civil War and its battles.

Civil War Logistics - - 426 pages of articles about how supply worked during the Civil War.

Civil War military documents - Examples of a large variety of official documents from the time.

The Civil War Reenacting Headquarters for Civil War Reenactment Events, Sutlers, and Information -

Civil War Reenacting Units Throughout the US - - a listing of units by states, also other US War reenacting unitsand military events (WW1, WW2, etc).

Civil War Reenactment Headquarters -

Civil War Slang: a Writer's Guide - - An Internet-generated list of Civil War terms and phrases.

Civil War Traveler - - contains downloadable podcasts of all the major battles.

Civil War Trust – Primary Sources - - everything from the official records to maps and Civil War official correspondence.

Compendium of the War of the Rebellion - - full text of the book from Google books.

Corps badges - - colored images of all the Civil War corps badges.

Death in the Civil War - - overview of Civil War death and customs.

 Documenting the American South - - Features more than 300 primary source documents that illustrate the south and the southern way of life.

Education World also has an excellent skill page, Civil War Deaths that asks students to analyze the information.

Ehistory Official Records of the War of the Rebellion - - The complete searchable Official Records of the Civil War.

GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) page -

Harpers Weekly newspapers Cornel University - -  searchable copies of all Harpers issues from 1850 to 1899.

How Stuff Works - - many video quizzes and short  documentaries

Latin Library Civil War - - a detailed overview of the Civil war organized by year.

A Nation Divided, the U.S. Civil War 1861-1865 - - A timeline of Civil War events and photographs with an emphasis on the battles.

National Park Service Regimental Histories - - Allows a person to search for the history of a Union or Confederate regiment.

National Park Service Civil War Death - - overview of death in the civil war with an emphasis on national cemeteries.

Newspaper articles - -  a collection of transposed newspaper articles from each year of the war.

Podcasts – check out the dozen or more podcasts devoted to the Civil War.

Robertson documents collection - - a searchable collection of digitized letters, diaries and other manuscripts.

Shotgun’s “Fox’s Regimental Losses” - - full text of “Fox’s Regimental Losses”

Smithsonian portrait and artifact collections - - includes Civil War Portraits from the galleries and pictures of more than 2000 artifacts.

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - National Headquarters -

Sullivan Press - - In our opinion, the most complete source of reproduction documents.

This Day in History - - Allows the user to get a list of Civil War articles on what happened during every day of the year.

This Week in the Civil War - - Features headlines and war reports for the week during the calendar years of the Civil War.

University of Virginia documents - - an extensive collection of one-page Civil War broadsides.

Wartime issues of Harpers Weekly. The site can be accessed by searching individual words or phrases, topics or year. - "documents" section. Also includes many more Civil War links.

Washington Post Civil War Timeline - a visual annotated timeline of the Civil War

Youtube – a wealth of video information on almost every Civil War topic